Marco Betti was born and raised in Reggello, Italy, county of Florence, in the heart of Tuscany. He imports and wholesales specialty Italian foods, such as evoo and Truffles from Tuscany and Piedmont, as well as operates a successful Italian tour business. He is a proud owner of the successful Tuscan Restaurant Antica Posta in Buckhead, consider by many the best restaurant in the city. This passion has pushed him to share his love of Italian food and open Silvano Pizza together with his younger brother Sandro and their long time friend and Manager Ron Cravens.
Silvano Betti, Marco and Sandro's father was the less talented cook of the family while he was running his business. Since he sold the butcher store that he opened when he was 17 and managed and operated for 48 years, he dedicated more time to the culinary art. His delicious achievement in the field has been his famous pizza. Marco's mother Rosanna is a bit of a clean freak and after Silvano's retirement decided to moved their main condo kitchen to the garage because she did not want to mess up the house. in the new garage kitchen they installed a pizza oven; made in our hometown of Reggello by the long time friend Valoriani family. Since the installation of the pizza oven, Silvano started making pizzas and developed his famous thin crust pizza dough recipe. After perfecting his craft, he started a Saturday night tradition in his kitchen garage, helped by his sister in law, auntie Silvia, making pizza for 8 to 10 people every Saturday night. In 2011 Silvano and Rosanna, while visiting with Marco and Sandro convinced their to install a pizza oven in the kitchen at Antica Posta so they could make and eat their famous pizza at the family dinner table. Since then Sandro and Marco have had pizza every time they have a craving using their dad's delicious recipe. Since then every time the Betti parents visited Atlanta they had a lot of pizza family dinner with their sons.

This inspired Marco to think about opening a pizza restaurant following his dad recipe of thin crust Tuscan style, the first of its kind in Atlanta. Marco started this project at the beginning of this year (2019) and wanted the first location to be in Buckhead. Fortunately, Marco's parents were in town to see the place and hear his vision for the new pizza venue and along with Sandro and they loved it! After negotiations with the Landlord, the lease was signed and the project started. The only thing missing was the name. Few names were considered but then Thursday, April 18, 2019 Marco was talking to Sandro and Ron when he went "I got it!". The name was Silvano Pizza and got thumbs up from everybody. Now all that was needed was the approval from his parents. Marco called while they were cooking dinner, of course in their garage kitchen with auntie Silvia and uncle, Alfio. His dad loved it, as well as Mamma Rosanna and thus Silvano Pizza was born!